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a 20 in 20 showdown

Versus 20 in 20
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This is a 20 in 20 icon challenge community with a bit of a twist. It works like this: Each month the challenge will be a face-off between two general subjects. It could be something like vampires v. werewolves, heroes v. villains, blondes v. brunettes, etc. Each person who signs up needs to pick a side. If we were doing vampires v. werewolves, and you wanted to make icons for the werewolf side, you may decide to pick (for example) Lucian from Underworld. If you wanted to represent vampires, you may decide to pick Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries.

Once sign-ups are complete, the contest proceeds as any normal 20 in 20. A post will be made with round info, which will include information for 10 themed icons, 5 category icons, and 5 artist's choice icons. Entrants will have 20 days to make 20 icons of their subject according to the posted themes, and post their entries back to the community.

During initial voting, each "side" of the battle will only compete amongst themselves (werewolves vs werewolves, vampires vs vampires). After winners are chosen from each side, the TOP THREE icons or sets of each category and theme will go to a final round, where they compete against the winners on their rival's side. In the end whichever side of the battle gets the most wins in the final round will be the "ultimate" winner of that round ;) Winning banners will be handed out for both the initial and final round of voting.

It may seem somewhat confusing, but it's simply a 20 in 20 with a bit more added in. Not only are you representing yourself with your artistic skill, you are representing your side of the battle!


+ You must be a member of the community to enter.
+ Each claim can only be represented once. That means you need to provide a back-up claim in case your original choice is taken. Also, don't choose the same subject twice in a row (every 3rd round is fine).
+ Icons must fit LJ standards (below 40 kb, 100x100px, and .png, .gif, or .jpg format)
+ Icons must be submitted before the deadline for that round. Any icons submitted after will not be accepted.
+ Please vote based on the quality of the icon, not based on who made the icon, who is on the icon, or which "side" the icon is on.
+ Please no nudity or extremely offensive language/concepts on icons.
+ Icons need to be made specifically for this community. Do not use ANY prior work.
+ When you post, provide a three icon preview (banners are fine) and either a cut to the rest of the icons, or a link to a post on your journal/community with the rest of the icons.
+ DO NOT USE TINYPIC TO HOST ICONS. They seem to have a worldwide block going on, so international users will not be able to view your icons. ImageShack and Photobucket are good alternatives.
+ All icon posts made outside the community MUST be public so everyone can view your icons.
+ No animation please, this is a stills community.
+ Have fun representing your side of the battle!

Have a suggestion for themes or a question for a mod? check out this post!



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concept/rules: celeb20in20